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Document Access Definition


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The definition of who can do what, with a document is dependent on a few document properties. Some of these properties can be defined by you, the customer or Cisco partner. Others properties can only be defined by Cisco employees.

This article gives an overview of the document Access Definition.

The definition of who can do what, can be defined in following categories. These authorization categories are aligned with the document life-cycle, which got explained in a previous article in this user guide :

  • Uploading the initial version of a document, which is aligned with the authoring phase
  • List and download is the basic definition of who can view and read a document
  • Update a document is aligned with the review phase as well as the approval phase. It allows you to participate in discussions, upload new versions of an existing document and participate in the approval of a document.
  • Manage a document through it's life-cycle is providing full authority on properties and actions on a document

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The basic authorization access is list and download.

Publishing is the term used to make a document available to a customer or Cisco partner. An internal Cisco employee that is the author or an owner of the document can define to whom a document is published.

Publishing is done on an individual base. Publishing definition can only be done by Cisco employees.

Uploading an initial version of a document is defined on an individual base and is defined per project. This was already explained in a previous article of this user guide. If you are enabled to upload documents to a project you will get additional functionality enabled to you to perform the document upload.
By default, once you upload a document, you become the author of that document. This will give you full authorization access on that particular document as explained below.

If you are invited to review a document through a discussion, you also become a contributor by default. A contributor will be able to update the document if required through the review.

Finally if you are the author or you are defined as a co-owner of the document, you have full authorization right of that document. It means you will be able to edit its properties, upload new versions or perform other actions such as initiating a review discussion or initiating an approval. As such you have the authorization to drive the document through its life-cycle.

You can see who is the author/owner or contributor of a document in the properties pane of the document.

Author is shown in the Essentials tab (or also as a column in the table grid). Owners and contributors are shown in the Miscellaneous tab.

miscellaneous tab.png

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