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Updating Essential Properties via In-line Editing


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Once you have uploaded one or more documents, you need to verify and update some essential properties. Proper tagging is important for quality and ease of traceability of documents.
Similarly, if you are defined as the author or one of the owners of the document, you can edit the properties at any time.
Easy in-line editing is provided for you to update to most important properties. This is what is covered in this article. To update extended properties via the properties pane, please review the next article.

The essential document properties are :

  1. Unique Content ID
  2. Category
  3. Project ID/Customer

If any of these are missing, your uploaded document will be considered 'Incomplete' and a 'warning' missing metadata.PNG icon will show at the left of the document line to highlight that this document is missing essential properties.

A document that is missing essential properties can't be progressed through its life-cycle. Furthermore it is hidden to others: only the person that uploaded the document, can see 'Incomplete' documents'.

Note: a specific preset Table configuration is available for you to review all your documents with missing essential properties: 'My Incomplete Content'. Select it from the 'Filter by' Table configuration selector to list all your uploaded documents that are missing essential properties.

Content ID is normally pre-populated, unless you reserved some content IDs. In such cases, the reserved content IDs will be available from a pick-list, together with a choice to select the next available Content ID.

As a customer or Cisco partner, all documents uploaded by you need to be tagged with Project ID and Customer. Please read previous articles that explain how you can be granted access to upload documents against a project.

If you are enabled to upload documents against just one project, it will be pre-selected at upload together with the corresponding customer name. If you are enabled to more than 1 project, then the project IDs and corresponding customer names will be provided as a pick-list.

Note: some projects have 2 customer names to choose from: the Primary Customer who would be the partner or re-seller and the End-Customer who is the actual customer to whom the services are delivered.

Next, you will have to tag the uploaded documents with the proper content Category. Following content categories are available for you to select from:

Category Description
Deliverable a document created per the scope defined in the contractual agreement (e.g. low-level design, security report, design recommendation, …)
Contractual Document a document created for use during contract negotiation, validation or signature and with contractual value (e.g. Quote, SOW, Change Request, …)
Support Material a document created in support of an engagement, but not necessarily defined in the contractual agreement (e.g. meeting agenda's, closeout checklist, network diagrams, meeting minutes …)
Reference Material documents that are not related to any engagement and can be reused in support of a particular engagement (e.g., white papers, calculators, …)

In-line editing is a simple way for you update these essential properties.

You will see a 'pencil' pencil icon.png icon when pausing your cursor over the record line of the document that you just uploaded. To in-line edit a document, double-click the line of the uploaded document. Not only the essential properties can be edited but every editable field available as a column. Avoid to click the hyperlinked title which will invoke the download of the document instead.

The editable fields will show as input fields. Data elements are input as free text, chosen from a list of values or using a calendar date picker.

inline edit1.png

Some fields are dependent on each other: e.g. Project ID and Customer; when a a Project ID is selected, the list of values for the Customer is limited to the customer pertaining to that Project, and vice versa.

To save your changes, click anywhere outside the line. A Success message will be shown. To cancel your edits, click on the 'Cancel' cancel icon.PNG icon towards the right of the record line.

If you omit to fill in an essential property data-field or the provided value is of an invalid format, it will get red underlined with a validation error message provided upon mouse-over.

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