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Hello,I need exact XML response format with possible values for each attribute for Continue, Divert and Reject calls.Possible values for ex. For StatusCode possible values are -1. urn:oasis:names:tc:xacml:1.0:status:missing-attribute2. urn:oasis:name...

I am new to CSPC and I was looking through the User Guide and there are some examples for XML API's, but not exactly what I need. Is there another resource that provides additional documentation, specifically API example of pulling Device Reports > V...

Fallin85 by Beginner
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I am able to perform a restconf query to extract IP-SGT mappings for a global vrf using belw   I am now trying to fetch mappings for a particular and need to pass the vrf-name to the get query.  Can't figure out how to construct my Get request. Any ...

test1.png test2.png
umahar by Cisco Employee
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