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UCCX Script using REST API - Client response status 412


Wondering if someone can assist here. I am trying to make REST API call using UCCX script to third party application.


I was successful in making API call to Test environment but when I tried to do the same with Prod, I am getting following exception.
" Connection reset" "Client response status: 412"


UCCX > REST API > Third Party Application ( Test Environment) - Works

UCCX > REST API > Third Party Application ( Prod Environment) - Response 412


However if I do the same with either postman or chrome browser it works as expected.


So kind of lost here what could be the reason.


I have imported the certs in UCCX already so that's not an issue.

Checked the firewall side and that is also out of equation.


What else should I be looking?

@Anthony Holloway  hoping you could give us some pointers




Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Hey thanks for the mention, but unfortunately, I don't have a great answer for you.  Not only have I never encountered a 412 response, I think your testing shows that the problem is definitely with how the UCCX is communicating with the Prod API.  There's not much in the way of HTTP request troubleshooting in UCCX, so I would turn the attend on the Prod API and see what the logs there can tell you.  E.g., I would think that UCCX sends the exact same request to Test and to Prod, therefore, the Prod API might reveal an extra error pointing a configuration requirement in Prod which does not exist in Test.  Speaking of which, I would place my bet on the actual problem being in Prod API configuration, and not in UCCX scripting; although, at this moment it could literally be anywhere, and how you choose to solve it is up in the air as well.  E.g., If the API requires a header, you could add that header in UCCX or you could drop the requirement for the header in the API itself.  Good luck.  Do post your solution once you find it.

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