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ISE ERS API returns 502

Hello, I've been tasked to create a script that replicates MAB entries from one deployment to another using the ciscoisesdk. In my case I have 3 source sites with 1 ISE node each and a target site with 2 ISE nodes in a distributed deployment. All of ...

You’re Invited: DevNet Security Test Drive In Person Events

Today’s enterprise generates many times more security data than only a few years ago. Yet the typical SOC operates on data silos, aging technology and manual activities that invite attackers to exploit the mismatch. Join Cisco's two day in-person ev...

osanniko by Cisco Employee
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Issue with Ansible for FTD - Invalid Data Provided 'Type'

Hello Cisco Community, I hope this post finds you well. I'm encountering an issue while using Ansible to manage my Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) firewall. Specifically, I'm trying to create a network object, but I keep running into the error m...

an.balsby by Beginner
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ISE posture pending

Hi, is there anyway to get a list of users who are stuck at posture pending? We are doing agentless posture. I have taken ISE reports but are not accurate  Thanks,  

FMC API PUT Failure When Inspection is Enabled

Good day wonderful people,Expected Outcome: Partially edit existing rules via automation to enable syslog,logend,sendeventstofmc via PUT request. Issue: The partial modification works successfully, unless Inspection is enabled on the rule, then an er...

DinoC_ZAR by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco ISE and ServiceNow automation!!!

Hi All,i tried to find Cisco Documentation where i can get Cisco ISE and Servicenow automation.i am trying to automate the Networkdevice addition/Deletion using servicenow, any documentation or link which help me to understand the process that would ...

SecureX HTTP Request fails with encoded parameter in body

Hi, I'm testing a draft workflow that modifies a user's attributes in Duo using the Duo Admin API and based on the "Duo - Admin - Add User to Group" atomic.  Currently it just modifies user's notes:When I use spaces in the notes parameter, it fails t...

TomML_0-1683147159716.png TomML_2-1683148130171.png TomML_3-1683148179783.png TomML_1-1683147577225.png
TomML by Beginner
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Talos Reports Api

Hi I want to get threat list with an api from Talos. How can I find the API endpoint or any other way?

arifeelif by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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How to use Microsoft Intune in SecureX Automation Workflows

I have recently integrated Microsoft Intune with SecureX and am looking for some "quick wins" to trial automation with the platform.Are there any documents, resources or premade workbooks specific to Intune that would give a flavour for how to get st...

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