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DevNet Beginner Learning Lab Track Errata

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DevNet Beginner Learning Lab Track Errata

We have discovered at least two issues so far with the DevNet Beginner learning track at:

  • In the Network Programmability module the lab titled "Cisco DNA Center APIs with Python: Part 1 - The Basics" doesn't actually exist. This link really takes you to a lab titled "Cisco DNA Center API Overview". I'm not sure which is supposed to be the correct lab but either the link is titled incorrectly or is pointing to the wrong lab.
  • On page 2 of the "Cisco DNA Center Platform - Authentication" lab (and continuing on through the next several labs you are asked to do some work in Python requests making calls on DNAC with thinks like, auth=HTTPBasicAuth(DNAC_USER, DNAC_PASSWORD))
    however, these will all fail because the SSL certificate on the DNAC server is self-signed. All of these calls need to be changed to something more like, auth=HTTPBasicAuth(DNAC_USER, DNAC_PASSWORD), verify=False)
    which will ignore certificate errors. Ideally the need for this would also be explained to the learner so they understand that ignoring certificate errors in production is a bad idea.



Cisco Employee

Thanks Ben, this was flagged in another thread last week (


I raised this with the team here


Thanks again!


Thanks! Also note the incorrect link though.

Cisco Employee
Status changed to: Delivered

Hi Ben,


I also wanted to follow up on your question about the link and Learning Lab title. As we continue to improve and update the Learning Labs, we will revise and redirect from some Learning Labs when there is overlapping content and we want to consolidate, or when there's outdated content that we want to update and point to newer versions of a Learning Lab and deprecate the old. So you'll see this happen with Learning Labs where we intentionally revise and update the Lab and the module or order of Labs in the module. 

Thanks for noting and reporting it, we always want to get your input and feedback.



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