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Cloud Gateway: 14.3.0-032Gateway (HW/Virtual): 14.2.2-004Email and Web Manager: 14.2.0-224Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Resolved! AsyncOS 7.0.0 ??

Hello,My 2 C160 (in release 6.5.3 for now) have an available update to AsyncOS 7.0.0 apparently released in 11/09. OK but why there is now release note about this version anywhere, ironport site alsways talk about 6.5.3 as the last version.Anyone hav...

ccr_cisco by Beginner
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Hi guys,Over the past week I've noticed a large number of spam not scoring enough to get blocked.Take for instance last night, there were over 35 emails to various staff members, All the same subject, all for best medical online all with noreply@mess...

VeNoMouSNZ by Beginner
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Hi All,I have a problem and am wondering if the gathered knowledge can help me....For messages matching a certain criteria, I wish to let the original message go to its destination but BCC a copy to a different e-mail address. However, I also want to...

Hello IT guru'sCurrently we have Iron C350 with version v5.5.1-011 - we have got an query that one of the user email has bouch back - and i need to trace that email through IronPort - weather this email have reached or bouch back, or SPAM.Would you k...

Hello IT guru'sCurrently are planning to upgrade our IronPort c350 v5.5.1-011 - to the latest version .. we have two appliance Active-Active .. would you kindly let me know what is the best pratictis in performing the upgrade, would anyone tell me wh...

IronPort C160.async OS 6.5.3Server 1 and server 2 are communicating through ironport.( and also scanning)Server 1 we have setup domain and in same server, this reside on DMZ. same segment ironport is connected,Server 2: we have setup...

ragavan by Beginner
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I checked through the docs and could not find any mention of the possibility of integrating a UPS monitoring daemon in AsyncOS.   The rest of my systems are running apcupsd in a master/slave configuration.

Hi folkI've got 2 Ironport set up with preferred TLS to and from all domains and I've got a self signed certificate installed. TLS is OK to and from some receivers but one of them generate "Info: ICID 4884545 >> 454 TLS not available due to temporary...

I just downloaded the release notes for AsyncOS ESA 7.0.0 FCS. The very first thing I noticed was that it's now done in Cisco's documentation style. The assimilation continues. I liked IronPort's old style better.Just had to grump a little...

Hi, right now we have a C350 and a Groupwise server; we want to migrate to Exchange, but before doing it we need to test it. Basically what we want to do now, is to add the new server in our network, and configure the C350 to route the mail for a spe...

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