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Ironport C160 Device Troubleshooting


My apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place but there does not appear to be a place for Ironport devices.

We have two Ironport C160 appliances configured as a cluster that have been running without issue for several months.  In the past month and a bit one of the units has hung/failed/become unresponsive.  I'm wondering if there is a standard process people who support these devices follow to troubleshoot problems like this?  I couldn't find anything of much use in the documentation I have available so any advice relating to what I should be checking would be appreciated.  Are there log files to look at?  Is there anything I can do other than a hard reset to get this machine back and once its back is there something I should be doing to make sure its working properly?

Any assistance or direction you can provide would be great.


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Herbert Baerten
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mitch,

actually there is a section for Ironport, please have a look at the



Thanks Herbert.  Unfortunately I either don't have access to anything in that community or possibly there is nothing there.  I see a couple of links on the right hand column for pdf documents on AsyncOS 6.5 but nothing else.  I don't see anything related to the C160 Ironport device.


it looks like your user account only has guest level access, while you need customer level access. I can only suggest to follow the FAQ's recommendation:

If you are a Cisco IronPort customer and facing issues accessing these communities, please contact Cisco IronPort Customer support for assistance. The contact information can be found here: Cisco IronPort Support Contacts



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