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M670 BIOS update


   Our M670 management appliance is showing a BIOS update available, but no information about what version the update is. Our current version is 2.2.1C, so the one offered is probably newer. However, the documentation states that the BIOS update will appear even after updating making it next to impossible to determine if the offered BIOS update is newer or the same one.  Does anyone know of a way to find out??

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Ken Stieers
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I don't have an M series box handy, but if Putty/Telnet to the box, login and type "Version" at the prompt you probably will get what you need... it works on E and S boxes.


I recommend you to double check the version you have.

The fixed version is 2.2.12C. Perhaps you missed a digit in your version reported in this topic?

If you have 2.2.12C (instead of 2.2.1C) then you do not need to upgrade.

Please refer to:

For documentation about this topic.

I hope this helps.



Just to make sure we provide as much information as we have available, I just checked a M670 box and found version


So, I would recommend making sure you have2.2.12C or earlier version. Otherwise, upgrade.



You are correct, the version is actually 2.2.12C. So I will upgrade.

My problem still persists though that even after upgrade, the upgrade will be offered and I have no idea whether the one being offered is newer when I check it a few months from now.

What is your serial?  You can hit me up direct with it if you like --->


Thanks Adam -

He provided me the serial - in which we can look up from the support side to see which upgrades/updates have been applied.

I can see the following:

2012-08-13 10:11:29



2012-04-05 06:54:27



So - we can see that the OS has been upgraded, but the BIOS isn't marked.  So - suggestion at this point is to apply the upgrade for the BIOS.  After you have this done - we can remove the provisioning aspect of the BIOS availability, so this will not reflect in the manifest return when running 'upgrade'.

Hope this helps!


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