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3905 and Web Access

Hi Guys, I need to collect remotely the serial number of some  IP Phones 3905.

The way most simple is acessing the web interface of device to collect the SN.

Very well.... I´m putting the WebAcess parameter to Enabled ( in the Product Specific Configuration Layout ) but when I try to access the device... nothing happens.... no error 404, no cisco error .... nothing !!! . the page remains blank.

Connectivity is Ok, I can ping the 3905 devices and all other devices.

I access the web interface of other models normally, 8941, 6921, 79xx .... but only the 3905 is causing me problems =/

SIP Software firmware : 9.2.2

CUCM Version :

Any particularity to access the web interface of this device ? someone know ?

Thank you.

Leonardo Oliveira
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Level 7
Level 7

I'm not sure why the Web Page isn't working but you can get the phones serial number from the phones information page.

View Phone Information
1.Press the Applications button.
2.Select Phone Information. (Use the Navigation bar and button to scroll and select.)
3.Press the button to return to the Applications screen.



HTH Regards, Yosh

Hi Yoshi, thank you for the answer, it´s valid but not applicable in environments with many devices geographically separated, will take long time to get the informations.. so the truth is : A colleague that work with me developed a software to get the informations (Phone model, Serial, Mac Address and Firmware load) through Web interface of the Phone. We just need provide the list of IP address, and the software makes the hard work for us, when done, he places the informations in a xls file.

I will perform some troubleshooting and depending of result .... I update this topic. .

Thank you.

Leonardo Oliveira

Hi all, I think discovered the problem.

The web interface was working fine, I just needed to insert the address of IP Phone in the Trusted Sites on IE 9.

The 3905 answer the request with .html ....  likes = http://x.x.x.x/Device_Information.html

When we access the 3905 web interface, the device reply with ".html" . If it is not allowed in the IE trusted list, the page cannot be displayed .... well ... nothing will be displayed .

The 79xx, 89xx, and 69xx don´t reply with .html .... the address bar stay in http://x.x.x.x .


Someone know if the 3905 have limitations with AXL API ? Because the software that I using to collect the serial numbers works with this language.

With 79xx, 69xx, and 89xx, the software worked fine.  Only with 3905 not

Leonardo Oliveira