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3905 sip ip phone unprovisioned


I have a problem with my cisco ip phone 3905.

The problem is it keeps showing "unprovisioned" in the display.

I use cucm v.9.1, the others 3905 is working perfectly.

I have :

- delete it from cucm and add it again

- factory reset

- upgrading & downgrading the firmware.

Anybody know how to solve this issue?


Wengkie K.

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Same problem here... Does anybody know how to fix it? Could't find any bug raleted to the issue.

Hi Rodrigo,

Does the phone have DN yet?

If the 3905 phone doesn't have DN configured, it will display unprovisioned.

My problem actually because the phone DN haven't been configured yet.

and yes it is solved.


I have a similar problem, this is my configuration:

voice register dn  42

number 4441

call-forward b2bua noan 100 timeout 20

allow watch

name Produccion

label 4441


no voice register pool  36

username 4441 password cisco

voice register pool  36

id mac 34BD.C8C6.4ADB

session-transport tcp

type 3905

number 1 dn 42

incoming called-number .

cor incoming ConClave default

dtmf-relay sip-kpml cisco-rtp

description produc

codec g711ulaw

When I type the command show voice register pool all brief,  it show that is unregistered and dont shows ip adress, however if you go tho the swtich´sport  where is the ip phone connected, and you type sh cdp ne gi x/x det, in this part switch shows the ip address (and ip address is correct)

Thank you 4 any input




You can try to create again the cnf-files with    create cnf-files.

Here is an extracto of the below document


"Any time you create or modify parameters for either an individual phone or a directory number, generate a new phone configuration to properly propagate the parameters."


Hope it helps

what do you mean by DN?


To achieve the phone' registration on the CUCM, you will need to make sure that you have assigned a Directory Number (DN) on this specific phone.

Have you assigned a DN already?


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