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6 button presses to make a call via Personal Address Book on 8945 handset

We are currently implementing CUCM 8.6 with with about 2000 Cisco 8945 handsets.

On these handsets, it takes a minimum of 6 steps to make a call via the Personal Address Book.

1. Press Directory button

2. Select Personal Directory

3. Select Personal Address Book

4. Select Search. This list of entries appears.

5. Press Select to choose an entry.

6. Press Dial.

This is way too cumbersome and is a step backwards from the legacy phone system, which only took 2-3 steps to make a call from the Personal Contacts. Our users are complaining about this as it decreases their productivity.

Is there a way to modify to Directory button so that the task can be done in 2-3 steps?

i.e. 1. Press Directory button. List of Personal Address Book entries appears.

      2. Select entry.

      3. Press Dial.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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6 button presses to make a call via Personal Address Book on 894

Hi Robert

Similar to the other post re: migrating address books between phones... you can set up the user for 'one-button' login, or just present the address book on a line key. With that set up you should have a quicker method of access...

Your abbreviated steps do not have a 'search' option - do you want a simple list instead of that?

Basically the way the services work is like any other web server - so we might be able to find the URL that shows an unfiltered search list and shortcut directly to that. I've not tried that myself...


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