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7914 Expansion module kills my 7960 IP Phone

We just had a moment where the 3 people in our office with this expansion pack all of a sudden just died.  After troubleshooting I come to realize

that if the module had its power supply plugged into it, the phone drawing POE as its suppose to then it doesn't work. We get the following error

on the switch.....

"%ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_PORT_ERR: Controller port error, intertface X/X/X: Power Controller report power Tstart error detected"

Now I haven't been able to find anything online or in any documentation to give me comfort as to why this is happening.  If they people using these devices take the devices off and use just the works...If they plug the power back into the module the phone and module dies.  Right now I have them plugging the power for the module into the phone to power both the module and the phone.  This shouldn't be the case and would hope someone out there would have information as to why I might be seeing this error.  Thanks!


Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

You said that all of a sudden this problem started, just to clarify this used to work with only PoE with the 7960 and 7914 sidecar?

Yes this problem literally just started.  Our empolyees were just working away when they realized their phones where power and no internet due to daisy chaining the PC through the phone.   The way it had been working and was set up prior to this event was:

Switch provided power to the phone via PoE

We had a seperate power module to support and provide power to the 7914 expansion module due to the switch not being capable of supporting it.

It worked this way and all of a sudden it just dropped.  I did troubleshooting that basically consisted of this.

1.Unplug and replug all cables

2.Plug in different ports

3.Plug directly to switchport

4.Plug phone in original port without powering up the 7914 module

5.Plug the phone in the original port while taking the 7914's power cord and plugging it directly into the phone's slot to power both the phone and the expansion module.

Basically, the phones work, switch provides power via PoE but obviously this set up wont allow the expansion module to work.

Once we plug the power cord into the 7914 it kills the phone. You can literally hear it cut off.

What we've done to get empolyees who need it the capability to use both is take the power cord of the 7914 and plug into the phone whom then has enough power to support both the phone and the 7914. It has full connectivity with the switch and can make and receive calls. The only difference is the switch doesn't have to provide PoE.  For some reason the switch freaks out if it gives the phone PoE and we plug in a 7914 with its own power strip.

just in is our IOS:  c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-25.SEE3

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