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7916 expansion module with 7965G

Hi Experts,


In my project PO, there is 7965G IP phone for reception and 7916 expansion module, My question is there is no power adapter for 7916, I have just PoE from 2960s switch, Do I need extra power adapter for 7916 when connect to 7965G?




Mohammad Saeed

VIP Advisor

Hi Mohammed, The expansion

Hi Mohammed,


The expansion module will get the power from PoE switch along with the phone. You don't need separate power adapter.


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Hi Mohammed have you tried it

Hi Mohammed 

have you tried it before? because I connnected with the phone but did not work!



VIP Advisor

Guys, I think I was wrong. I

Guys, I think I was wrong. I had it in my office but never realized that it was connected with power supply. Usually the IT support connects the phones. Just visited one of the desks and confirmed that it needs power supply.


Sorry for the confusion.

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I saw Mohammed's posting

I saw Mohammed's posting after my posting, so I started doing a little research and I haven't located any Cisco doucmentation concerning a 7916 behind a 7965G connected to a 802.3at poe switch, however a 7965G uses 802.3af only, so I don't believe it will work.  I'm still searching for a definite answer. 

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Hello Mohammad,If your phone

Hello Mohammad,

According to the 7916 phone guide, If your phone is powered via poe, then yes you need a power supply with one or two 7916 expansion modules.  It is a separate orderable items.


See link for more info.


Power over the Ethernet to your Cisco Unified IP Phone


With one or two Expansion Modules, you need a power supply unit (separate orderable item).


Power supply to your Cisco Unified IP Phone


With one Expansion Module, you do not need a power supply unit.

With two Expansion Modules, you need a power supply unit (separate orderable item).



Hope this helps,

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