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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


8821 MWI on CUCME 12



I have a new 8821 that is replacing a 7925g. Previously the 7925g had line 2 monitoring a global delivery mailbox, if that mailbox had a message there would be an envelope on line 2. if the main extension had a vm there would be an envelope on line 1. The led on the phone would also turn red.


This may not be currently possible with the 8821.


I originally thought i was receiving no MWI at all when a message was left. It turns out I am in fact getting something, it is incredibly useless though in my opinion.


On the 8821 if i have a vm left on either the main extension (ext 203) or the group mailbox (ex 251) The green led goes from a steady flash to a rapid flash, THAT apparently is the MWI function on this phone.


I believe there are other mwi options for this phone, i see reference to a red box. I am unable to locate any settings for this though. I have CUCME paired with CUE. 


Also i am unable to get the web admin page setting enabled, I thought perhaps there was an option in there. Anyone have any suggestions?

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