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8832 configuration for daisy chaining

Level 4
Level 4

I have 2 x 8832 Cisco IP Phones, and the Daisy Chain kit. I couldn't find any documentation regarding 8832 phones configuration in CUCM for Daisy Chaining. From this perspective, my question would be:

1. Do I need to configure only the first 8832 phone in CUCM, and just have the second one attached to the first one via the daisy chain kit (I see that being the case for 8831 phones


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Ratheesh Kumar
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VIP Alumni

Hi there cucm_chapter_010.html#task_E535473485BC620C6D882726737AE70E


Install the Conference Phone in Daisy Chain Mode

The daisy chain kit contains a Smart Adapter, a short LAN cable, two long, thicker USB-C cables, and a shorter, thinner USB-C cable. In daisy chain mode, the conference phones require external power from an electrical outlet. You must use the Smart Adapter to connect the phones together. The long USB-C cables go to the phone and the short one goes to the power adapter. Refer to the following figure when you connect the power adapter and the LAN port to the Smart Adapter.
Figure 7. Smart Adapter Power Port and LAN Port
You can use only one microphone per unit.

You must use either two wired microphones or two wireless microphones with the phone, but not a mixed combination.

The USB-C cable for the power adapter is thinner than the USB-C cables that connect to the phone.


Step 1

Plug the power adapter into the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Connect the short, thinner USB-C cable from the power adapter to the Smart Adapter.

Figure 8. Smart Adapter USB Port Connected to the Power Outlet
Step 3

Connect the Ethernet cable to the Smart Adapter and the LAN port.

Figure 9. Smart Adapter LAN Port Connected to the LAN Port on the Wall Outlet
Step 4

Connect the first phone to the Smart Adapter using the longer, thicker USB-C cable.

Step 5

Connect the second phone to the Smart Adapter using a USB-C cable.

The following figure shows installation of the conference phone in daisy chain mode.
Figure 10. Conference Phone Installation in Daisy Chain Mode



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what happened to the CP-8832-DC= Daisy Chain kit?  Its no longer orderable anyone know a replacement?

I can't find any official documentation from Cisco on it, but it's marked as Non-Orderable in Connect The Dots and doesn't show up as an option in CCW. So can't place any orders for it. I even tried to see if refurb would be an option with CP-8832-DC-RF, but no luck. Not sure if you can daisy chain the 8832 anymore.

I just bought one through Ingram Micro a couple of weeks ago.

I had installed this and it was working fine. A couple days later there is a message on the secondary base that stated something like "base is not working until primary base is active" The primary base is active and we can make calls from it. However the secondary base doesn't connect and no sound comes from it.