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8841-3PCC on Cloud PBX - Emulate dialing "9" to get out

Douglas Byrne

Hi, just migrated off some very old CM equipment and went to a fully Cloud PBX (Nextiva).  One of the challenges is all of our employees have been dialing "9" to get an outside line for 20 years.  Nextiva's standard configuration does not require even the "1" for North American dialing.

We have another Cloud PBX setup for 2 users that allowed us to update the provisioning of the 8841 so that the user could dial "9"1-212-555-1000 and it would strip the "9" before it passed the call to the Cloud PBX.

Worked with Nextiva support (which is hit or miss, sometimes you get an engineer who knows their stuff other times they are constantly IM'ing an with an engineer that knows their stuff) and they were not able to get a dial plan working that way and seemed to blame the newer firmware on the 8841 phone.

Looking at the phones on the other account that are functioning they:

A. Do in fact have a older firmware (11-2-1MPP-630.loads)

B. Have a dial plan entry:



Questions are:

1. Would firmware 11-3-7MPP0001-212.loads prevent the above dial plan from working?

2. (If no to #1 above) Any guidance on how we could build a dial plan that would emulate the "9" outside access digit by allowing the user to dial 9 on the phone but have the dial plan on the phone strip the 9 before it passes to the cloud PBX?


Appreciate any thoughts.


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Douglas Byrne

Update: had zero to do with the device level dial plan (which had no "9" manipulation).  Just had to get the right engineer to make the change I was looking for at the Cloud PBX Level. 

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