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Activation Code

I recently purchased a Cisco CP-8851 phone. It's hooked up but it's asking for an activation code. Can someone please tell me how to receive or generate this.


Thank you


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is the phone in the correct VLAN, where it can reach the correct DHCP server?

Has the DHCP server the option 150 configured to be the IP of the CUCM?


Could you maybe also make a foto and share it?


Best regards

Roger Kallberg
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Can you please share a bit of details on your setup? Are you planning to use the phone with CM or with a 3:rd party SIP service? What type of software is it on the phone, Enterprise or MPP?

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We are using this phone with an app called RingCentral so I assume that
means third party. I believe it is MPP software. The SW code is FCH2415F8PX.

If you use the phone with a 3:rd party service provider you should ask them for instructions for how to setup the phone.

If the phone has MPP software you should be able to access the configuration of the phone via a webUI.

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Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

AFAIK activation codes only work with Cisco Webex, configuration for any other 3rd party PBX is either manual config on the device, or if there's a configuration repository and you already have the relevant file in there, you point your device to it via the GUI.


Before you begin
Ensure that you allow the service through your firewall to support onboarding via activation code



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