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Add prefix 9 for incoming calling number of missed call only.

qilin zhang


I am wondering how to add the prefix 9 to incoming calling number of missed calls only, not the calling alerting number on the phone screen. For example, the local user 472 2001 calls our DID 482 3001 along with the calling number 472 2001 on the dialed phone screen, if I missed this call, in the directory missed call I can see 94722001.

I know I can add the prefix in the field incoming called party subscriber prefix on the gateway page, but when I do this, all of the calling number information show 9.



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Hi Marwanshawi,

I replaced the 7960 with 7961 and it is working now, refer the link you provide me above, I find 7960 is Gen1/2 which store the call history log in the local memory while 7961/41/71 using CUCM DBs for call history log, and CUCM DB restore the globlized number.

Thanks for help.


Glad to help and thanks for the update

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Marwanshawi - thanks for this solution.

One more question though... I would like to implement this also. Right now I am simply prefixing the 9 at the gateway level which means the 9 is seen on the phone CLI and in the missed calls - good so far. However my big problem is in regards to call forwarding....

When a user forwards his desk phone out to his mobile phone, he wants to be able to see the CLI of the original caller (not the CLI of his desk phone). This is fine and is working - thanks to the carrier who have enabled this for us.

However, when the call reaches the users mobile phone he will see the original caller ID but it is prefixed with the 9

Is there anyway that you can see that I can continue to prefix a 9 to incoming calls but not send it out when the call is forwarded?

For the call forwarding piece, I simply ensure that the check box, use External Calling Party Transform mask is ticked on the route pattern.

Thanks for your help!


I know this is an old post, but wanted to add something.

1.  Thank you to Marwanshawi, great solution.

2.  For me, the changes to add the 9, 91, 9011, to the incoming calls was added in the service parameneters, advanced, under the MGCP section.  I don't know for certain if this is the right area overall but it works fine for handling this with the help of the calling transformation patterns.  For me I have 2 calling party transformation patterns, one for 9.1XXXXXXXXXX and one for 9.XXXXXXXXXX.  I haven't created one yet for int'l calls until I get a request to do so (as this might cut down on the quick callbacks for int'l calls)

thanks marwan , i test your solution and it is working

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