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Devinder Sharma

All Analog Intercom replacement

Hi All,

First of all, I am a network engineer and have very little experience with Cisco VOIP systems.

Need recommendations on replacing a 200 lines analog intercom system (used only for internal calling) with a new system that will retain the existing analog phones and associated cabling.

I was thinking of using Qty 10 of VG224s and link them all with a stack of two 2960Sswitches for high availability (connect one uplink port to one switch and second to the other switch, and use basic inter vlan routing now available in these switches, believe they don't run even RIP under Light L3, else that would have been prefered and VG224 routers cannot do a port-channel to do cross stack etherchannel with switches).

In future, there may be a need for a cost effective additon of only a few (may be 8 max) VOIP lines and voice mail  for these and auto attendant etc. In that case, can I use UC560 for interfacing with the VG224s (without requiring any licenses for analog lines, which will interact with UC system based extensions via voip dial-peers , destination-pattern, session-target)?

I also looked at 3945 based 112FXS solution, but that requires two units and thus comes out to be much more than VG224 based solution.

Please advise.

Much appreciate in advance.

Devinder Sharma

Hello All,

Can someone look into my post please and advise if I am on right track? I have concerns about licensing requirements for a later stage implementation of IP telephony to an all FXS solution that we wish to implement now.

Much thanks.

Did you found any solution?


I have also two vg224. I use it only internal calls without CUCM. But i can not call each other. How can i do this?

Open a new thread please !

Nipun Singh Raghav
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