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'All Calls' feature for 8961 ip phones


Anyone familiar with the 'All Calls' feature for 8961 ip phones?  It is a nice feature that enables 8961 sip ip phone users to handle multiple line appearances in a way that would be more familiar to skinny 794x-796x device series users.

"View All Calls on Your Phone

Press the All Calls button.

All active calls from all the lines on your phone are displayed in chronological order, oldest to newest."

The feature requires a dedicated 'All Calls' button be programmed on the device first and the key be activated by the user secondly.  At least that is the only way we have managed to get it to work.  The users just activate the 'All Calls' button on their 8961s, then presto - inbound calls from multiple directory numbers on the phones scroll down on the display just like 7965s. 

The default behavior for a 8961 seems to be for the device to only indicate ringing info (i.e. ANI) for the DN that is selected.  Also, the user can't immediately answer the call either until the right DN is selected first.  While I see some benefits of that behavior and won't question Cisco's logic , if you want your 8961s to handle incoming calls like regular Cisco ip phones, then 'All Calls' is the way to go.  (There's no point I can see using 'All Calls' unless there is more than 1 DN assigned to the device.)

However, there is one minor issue.  After the system admin programs the key on the 8961 device(s), the user must activate it.  It can become deactivated by the user or if the 8961 resets for any reason.  Then the 'All Calls' feature turns off and must be reactivated at the set for the familar user interface to resume.  This is a bit confusing for healthcare users handling multiple lines.  Is there any way for the sysadmin to activate the 'All Calls' feature permanently from a central location?  If not, is this something an AXL script could enable at the device level?

Thanks and have a good day


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