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Analog Phone support for cisco call manager 6.x

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Currently we are having a call manager 6.x version and it does not support ATA 186 anymore. All the branch routers are cisco 1841. Is there any way that we can plug FXS card to the 1841 branch router and configure?

If yes, how?

If no, any other solution?

Pls find the attached file for my requirement.

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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Hall of Fame

You are mistaken, even current versions (as of 8.5) of CUCM continue to support the ATA186.

To answer the question as-asked however: No you cannot add an VIC-FXS card to an 1841 router as it does not support voice. This is listed in table five of the data sheet.

It does support but cisco discontinued ATA186 and no longer available to purchase. Is there a series which support CCM 6.X?

You have a few options:

  • Upgrade CUCM to 7.1(5) or later which will add support for the replacement ATA 187.
  • Purchase VG202/204 hardware which can be run as an H.323 or SIP gateway independant of the CUCM version.
  • Upgrade routers to at least a ISR 2901 with Unified Communciations license and a VIC2-4FXS card.
    If you choose this route you should carefully consider what other services and bandwidth throughput requirements you may want in the service lifetime of the router. Many of these answers may dictate a model higher than a 2901. A Cisco partner can help guide you through this discussion.