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Any SIP Commands for a Cisco 881

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Hi All,


I know these Cisco 881 are at or near End of Life, but I was wondering if someone could help.

I wasn't sure if this would be a question for "Networking" or "Collaboration, Voice, Video".

Please advise if in wrong queue.


I have a Phone Number that runs to a Cisco ATA SPA 122 through my ISP


Network Setup: ISP > My Cisco 881 > ISP's Cisco ATA SPA 122


There is no SIP/Call Handling being done on the 881 itself.

There are just ports opened to allow the ATA to communicate with the ISP's Phone Switch which handles the calls.


If I wanted to verify that calls are indeed making it to my Cisco 881, since they say the calls are, but when someone calls my number, it rings busy.. Is there a series commands I could run on the 881 to view any call information?

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Not sure if it is available in the 800 series, but usually you would in a Cisco router be able to do a packet capture to see what traffic it processes. Have a look at this document for details.

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