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VIC3 4FXS DID and Valcom Paging system

Hey Community,

I am trying to connect a Valcom paging system to a 2821 router using a VIC3-4FXS/DID card. It is currently configured on a VIC2-4FXO card and works fine. But I need to free the fxo card for other uses. I attempted to configure it on the FXS the same way it was on the FXO. No bueno! I could see the 2821 receiving the call on the port, but still unable to make the page. It just rings and rings. Is this possible or am i just shooting blanks?


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Generally speaking, most Valcom units are designed for loop start trunk ports and will not work on an FXS port directly.    Since you didn't mention the Valcom model (single zone, multizone, etc), I can't say if there would be a workaround to use this on the FXS port.  If you contact Valcom support at or call 800-valcom1, they can provide more details.

Full disclosure: this response submitted by the vendor.

I think the v9970 might be what he needs to tie into an fxs port.

Steven Holl
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yeah, if the device is working on an FXO currently, then that means you'll never get it to work on an FXS port.  FXS always connects to FXO on the other side.

So you currently have it working, you essentially have this:


You are trying to do this:


FXS to FXS won't ever work.  If you want to use an FXO on the gateway, you'd need a device in the middle had an FXO on both sides and did this:


I don't know if they make a device that does that.

Only other option is to get a Valcom system that has an FXO port instead of an FXS port, which will likely require new hardware or a new device.  Valcom support can probably speak more on behalf of that.

Brandon Svec
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Level 7

I think a Bogen TAMB will easily meet your needs and solve this problem.

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Is this helpful for old updated systems? I'm working on my old version program for my fish pond and garden business as you can see detail about it.