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Hello guys


I have a cluster CUCM 1 Pub and 2 Subs, where 1 Sub is down and I need to make a backup.


If my backup is not done 100% because my sub down and I need to make a restore the restore will work?


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the primary database is on the pub = publisher
if you install and add a 4th node as sub =subscriber to this cluster this will sync with the pub
only minor info that is not synced from the sub to the pub may get lost.
but that has nothing to do with the backup of the sub

I think you dindn't get my question


Suppose my backup got 70% because I have 1 subs down so never is going to reach 100%. Withat 70% that I got from my backup I can make a successfull restore in actives nodes in case I need to make a restore?

Yes it should be fine. But why do you want to keep the subscriber in down state for an extended time?

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Hi @mdrangell22 

Adding to comments said above, its not recommend to keep Subscriber / node in shutdown state as it will also impact dbreplication process. dbreplication will remain in broken state until the subscriber node is repaired, fixed and up (existing or new).


Suggestion: UC solution design expert will avoid keeping just Publisher as it will act single point of failure.


Action Plan:

  1. can you confirm while making configuration changes, do you use Publisher IP Add for CUCM Admin OR Subscriber IP for CUCM Admin? If Publisher URL then you don't have to worry about losing data as config is pushed from publisher to Subscriber BUT if you use Subscriber URL than the risk of losing data is possible.
  2. Shutdown crashed subscriber VM.
  3. to bring the subscriber up, plan to install new CUCM server using Cisco CUCM ova template and make sure the ova template is same as publisher. Videos are available on internet and is straight process. If you aren't skilled / haven't installed anytime, recommend to approach UC experts in your area to help your organisation.
  4.  Note: the details like organisation, department, location, country, must be same as on publisher node if you have CA signed signed certificates installed like for tomcat, etc.
  5. Add subscriber to Publisher node.
  6. Login to CUCM Publisher CLI and execute utils dbreplication runtime state command to monitor the data replication on Subscriber. To verify if the data is same on Publisher and Subscriber, you will see g=2 Setup is completed for Publisher and Subscriber. You can paste the output here of db-replciation to confirm if the database is in healthy state.

good luck.


thanks & regards,

Ritesh Desai

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regards, Ritesh Desai
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