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BE6K Install on C200M2

I apologise in advance that this is a pretty basic question - my experience is in non-Cisco areas and I'm being asked to pick up after a Cisco resource moved on...  Eventually we'll back fill the role with someone who has had the Cisco chip installed but in the interim I just have to do the best I can.

We recently purchased a BE6K system with C200 M2, a bunch of switches and 8945 phones.

I have racked up the C200 M2 and set up the CIMC and RAID per Jason Murray's YouTube video (Cisco UCS C-Series Initial Setup).

I next need to install VMware and I'm having trouble identifying which disc I should be using - perhaps I don't have the correct one.

I believe the bundle we ordered was BE6K-UCL050USR which should include VMware VMS-VS-HYP.

Can anyone identify for me the Software Envelope or DVD label for the VMware install DVD I should use for the next step?

I have tried the DVD labeled "Cisco Unified Communications Mgr Unity Connection/BE/SME" which is a RH install but it complains that "The hardware you are using is not supported for this product" which I assume means that install is expecting to go onto a VM not the C200 bare metal.

If someone can tell me the exact DVD or envelope label I can determine if we were missing a part of the shipment or if I just don't know what I'm doing.


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Re: BE6K Install on C200M2

Hi Dieter

You should find a white card A4 envelope which has the license key for VMware (or at least a registration code for the VMware website). Cisco don't supply the actual VMware software, you must register at and download it.

I'd typically go for version 5.0 of VMware.



Aaron Harrison

Principal Engineer at Logicalis UK

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Re: BE6K Install on C200M2

Thanks for clarifying that Aaron - I definitely don't have one of those A4 license envelopes that says anything about VMware (about half a dozen or more for the other components) so I really am starting to think that our shipment was missing some key elements.  I'll take another very careful look tomorrow and see if I missed a small postcard in amongst the other bits but I really doubt it.

If anyone has the item in question to hand it would be good if you can send a scan or photo.

Time to get back to my Cisco rep I guess.


Re: BE6K Install on C200M2

So to complete this off in case anyone is following it.

There was definitely no VMware DVD or fulfilment info in the six A4 license envelopes we recieved so probably something in our order went astray along the way.  In the materials I went through there were two SSNs/PAKs which we'll register next week to see what that unlocks.  I've prepared a detailed inventory of what we received and passed it back to our Cisco contact to see if they can work out what the gap, if any, was and how to correct the situation.

On the technical side we did a VMware 5.0 install without incident until we hit the delete datastore/recreate datastore issues that are descibed in many place on the net so first thing next week we'll try one of the workarounds or reinstall.

I suspect the the next thing I'll find is that we don't have a full complement of OVAs but with luck our Cisco contact will have dug something up for us by then and the way forward will become clear.

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