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Here is my config:ephone-dn  99number 43200call-forward all 18900dial-peer voice 18900 voipdestination-pattern 18900session protocol sipv2session target ipv4:<CUE IP Address>dtmf-relay sip-notifycodec g711ulawno vadFor example, ephone 3100 call ephon...

Greetings to all,I had to have the mother board changed on my UCM 7.1.3 SUB this past weekend. Everything is up and running fine I am happy to report. After the dust had settled we discovered that we had not updated the iLo configuration. Since my re...

Hi all,I just got a new 7921G we don't have any other WIFI Phone. I am not the owner of the IPPHONE network and I don't have any experience with CISCO IPPHONE equipment.How can I check if the phone is connected correctly to the WIFI?Messages displaye...

maucastro by Beginner
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                  I recently purchased 50 LIC-UWL-STD1 licenses for my CallManager / Unity Connection 8.x deployment and received a nice binder with multiple PAK numbers in it.  Not knowing how the licensing registration worked, I started and registe...

Hi I have a problem with the 7915, expansion module in mi CME 9.1, this is what another user explained several months ago but was not answered"Hi,I am configuring a 7915 module for a 7962G ip telephone on a CME. I'd configured the ephone and upload i...

I have 2 2901 routers connecting an Alcatel to an Asterisk PBX over IP.With the Asterisk PBX connected directly into the Alcatel, calls are perfect but when the routers are in the loop there is a noticable delay in speechI have attached the below cal...

Question regarding CUBAC. When dialing main number from my cell phone, I can here phone ring but doesn't ring on attendant console pc and no alert on queues... Can you please assist.Thanks,

MabonaZA by Beginner
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