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Bricked CP-8845 - is there way to recover?

Hi to all,


I have one IP phone CP-8845 that failed to upgrade and now is stuck on Cisco logo screen with some of speeddials green, sometimes top three and fourth amber, sometimes only three green or four green...but never all five of them.

There is no network activity at all, so I made console cable to see what happens:


It is stuck on this:

[SEC_STOR] Read KS (0, 540000, 1)
[SEC_STOR] use OTP value for new version


Version is: 

"Welcome to BigEasy Video
(none) login: sdump: PID = 407
1 - Cisco Systems - # RELEASE Model=8845_65 Version=sip8845_65.12-1-1SR1-4"


Factory reset does not help, and I notice that if I press star (*) while booting up it load previous version of firmware:

"Welcome to BigEasy Video
(none) login: 1 - Cisco Systems - # RELEASE Model=8845_65 Version=sip8845_65.12-0-1SR1-1 "


but also stuck on same lines:

[SEC_STOR] Read KS (0, 540000, 1)
[SEC_STOR] use OTP value for new version

Then after some time reboots and stuck again with same message.


I also noticed that with zero pressed while powering, boot stops for a while with this:

"Hit any key to stop autoboot: 3
key '0' pressed "

But don't have a clue for what purpose is this.


Is there any solution to re-flash this phone in this state?








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