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Call Forward, No Answer displays wrong Caller ID

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One of my users is not in the office very often. He asked me to forward his calls to his cell phone if he does not answer his office phone. In CCA is went to his phone definition and changed the number in the field for "Call Forward, No Answer" to "9", "1" and his cell phone number.

It works. When someone rings his office extension and he does not answer, the call gets transferred to his cell number. The only problem is that it displays the caller ID for the first estension in our system. It does not maintain the Caller ID of the person calling in.

If he is on his office phone a new call still goes to his Voice Mail.

Is there a way to make it display the original caller ID? I know when I receive a call and transfer it to another internal extension, the Caller ID shows my extension. Does the original Caller ID get lost on any transfer?

I just had another thought. How does this user check his voice mail remotely?


Rip Edmundson

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Marwan ALshawi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Thus in anyway not gonna work because the telco will not allow calling number to come over your pstn line other than the allocated DID range so they will mask it with your main DID

Number range or hide the calling number as private

By the way for a user always need mobile to be used you can consider device mobility with remote destination profile which will let both desk and mobile to ring together

Hope this help

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Rip,

This is a very common issue that in most cases cannot be overcome. This is

due to the overriding telco regulations in most countries. What happens is that the

telco will only allow you to send out CLID in the number range that you own and will not

allow you to send CLID that is not part of your number range ie:Call Spoofing.

Let's say you have the range nnx-nxx-5000 to 5299 when you Call Forward and try

to pass the "callers" CLID of nnx-nxx-6379 the telco sees that this is not part of your

range and remarks the CLID with your BTN (Billing Telephone Number) which in this case would

likely be nnx-nxx-5000 and this is what is passed to your user's mobile.

This is to prevent people from passing themselves off as the Police etc.



Thanks, your answer was very clear and easy to understand. I am disappointed but I understand now.

The previous entry asked me to rate the answer but I do not know how to do that. I will rate your answer highly though.