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Call Forwarding With Dialed Number As Outgoing Call Display

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Level 1

I've searched but cannot find a similar issue. We have a few field staff that have calls forwarded to their cell phone by CUCM (10.5) when someone calls their DID. For example:


Staff A (777-1000) dials the Field Staff's DID (555-1000). This is forwarded to DN 100.

DN 100 then forwards to the Field Staff's cell phone of 444-1000.

This works perfectly as it captures all calls to the Field Staff. What we would like to do is have the caller id on the Field Staff's cell phone display the DID called (555-1000) rather than the Staff A's original number.


We also have a sort of internal emergency line set up where Staff B (222-1000) is able to call into a single DID (333-1000) and based on the Remote Destination settings will forward call to one of our field staff. This works great, except for the caller ID. Like above we would like the caller ID on the Field Staff's cell to be 333-1000 rather than 222-1000.


With the above two configurations working the Field Staff will know whether they are receiving an inquiry or an 'emergency' call.


Any help on getting the above working would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 5

One way to do this, for the Inquiry line anyway, would be to make a special route pattern for the field staff cell phone, in a unique partition.  Use the Calling Party Transform Mask to overwrite the caller ID with the 555-1000 number, and put this in a CSS that will only get used by the Forwarding CSS of DN 100, which is doing the forwarding out to the cell phone.

I think you could do a similar thing with the emergency line, in the Remote Destination Profile, using the CSS there to invoke your Emergency pattern for the cell phones, with caller ID override - or, you could even step back and make that one a pattern that is available to all the phones, where if anyone calls the 333-1000 line it will step in and overwrite the caller ID, since all calls to that number will be forwarded out anyway.  Then you don't have to mess with the Remote Destination Profile.


Mary Beth

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