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Call Forwarding

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Can an 8851 be programmed to force the user to enter a code in order to call forward a line?

Customer is trying to prevent someone from inadvertently forwarding a line

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Wilson Samuel
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Yes, if you enable the FAC (Forced Authorization Code) then anytime the particular Route Pattern matches, be it direct dial or CFWDAll


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Call forwarding

Calls that are forwarded to a CMC- or FAC-enabled route pattern fail because no user is present to enter the code. When a user presses the CFwdALL softkey and enters a number that has CMC or FAC enabled on the route pattern, call forwarding fails.

To minimize call-processing interruptions, test the number before you configure call forwarding. To do this, dial the intended forwarding number; if you are prompted for a code, do not configure call forwarding for that number. Advise users of this practice to reduce the number of complaints that result from forwarded calls that do not reach the intended destination.

CUCM has no built-in way to ask some sort of code in order to use CFA.



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Tested this with my 7942 Phone with CUCM 10.5.

It doesn't Work. When i Press CFwdAll and enter the Number it simply give fast busy tone and disconnects. 

If it is set from the DN Web Page , Phone will display Forwarded to  Message but the actual call forwarding fails with message Call Cannot be dialed....

So the only option is to disabling the CFwdAll by removing the Softkey OR by applying proper CSS restricting the Access OR Some Programming using APIs Might Help. Below might be of interest for you.

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