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Call scenario design question

Sven Ravenstein
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Hi @ All,

we got a design problem with ucm 8.5.

A user (A) want to divert to the secretary (B) and when B don't answer the call should go to voicemail of A.

How can we realize this?

We have dealed with hunt pilot, but we can't access the Mailbox of A, even when the phone is directly diverted to the mailbox, the phone rings when you call the hunt pilot and not the mailbox.

Any hint out there?

Thx in advance!



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while I realize this may not be the best way, or maybe even desired way, but how about using phone b as single number reach end point for phone a then configure the ring to ring phone b till just before phone a voicemail picks up?

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Thats a hint I'll give a try.

Complex, but nice if it works.

I'll let you know about the result.

Thank you!



Hi again,

I will research on my end as I had a customer have this exact request for their executives a couple of years ago. I'll see what we ended up doing to close the ticket.

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First results after some testing:

By now we only can access external numbers with remote destination no internal......

Maybe a wrong hook somewhere?...?...?

But the idea with the remote destination was good.



Your set up should work

Caller A rings user B

User B has cfna to User C

User C has cfna to vm

Normally caller A should be sent to User B VM. - check the forward settings in the service params. Is your vm a unity box?

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No you missunderstod me.

The goal is to reach the vm of A.

Brian Meade
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Level 7

You could set up a second line on the secretary's phone that forwards to voicemail for User A.

Yea, that's what we did.

Shared line of A on phone B.

If there noboy picks up vm of A answer.

Sometimes the simple way is the easiest

Never the less I'm very interested in the solution of dschlicht!