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Calls using another gateway if primary gateway busy

friends i have multiple ISDN (BRI) lines coming on my cisco 3825 and my call manager is 6.1.3 CUCM

for all the other ISDN lines they have 2 channels and when they dial out .. each company gets their 2 lines and they dont jump to another company lines... and we get high traffic if this happen

now i got another line and when i am trying to dial out i am able to .. but when i dialing DN which is from another company i am not able to dial them as they i believe needs to be added to CSS but when i am adding them to the CSS then this line is able to use the gateway of another company after the first two channels are busy..

this is not happening with my another gateways ... i am sure i am missing something stupid... can you please help. so that i can restrict this new line / CSS only to their gateway and still able to dial internal DNs.

Aseem Anand
Cisco Employee

Hi Jatinder,

1. Are you trying to say, you have multiple customers registered to the same Call manager making outbound calls using the same 3825 gateway where each company has 2 BRI lines of their own and use only these two lines to call out?

2. Can you let us know what kind of gateway are you using?

3. Can you help us understand the current CSS/partition setup?

4. When you say you are not able to dial the use of another company, are you trying to say you are unable to dial the internal extension of another company which is registered to the same CUCM?

5. What is the partition you have assigned to the directory numbers of both the calling and the called company users?

6. If using same CUCM for different companies, do you have different route patterns for users of different companies?


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