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Hi Guys, Do anyone come across this font problem in RTMT. I tried installing the fonts, reinstall RTMT but no luck. Bcos of this I could not navigate inside the RTMT. Anyone know how to fix it please ? Screenshot attached Thanks ! CUCM - System versi...

GM2020 by Beginner
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Hi everyone, There are lots of spam calls from everywhere...   toll-free number, local land line etc. Beside blocking them,  any other way we could deal with these kinds of calls? Your advice is highly appreciated. Master001 

master001 by Explorer
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Hi, We have a 2901 with CME 10 and I have configured some SPA112 devices to connect to DECT phones and FAX machines.The DECT phones work perfectly, but the with faxes we have issues, it sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn't.Outbound works sometim...

j.huizinga by Frequent Contributor
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Hi All, I want to understand that below SRST configuration will work properly. I have a doubt on this - In CUCM srst reference is given as Loopback IP address of router at port 2000. SRST Reference>>>Loopback Interface- In router under ...

Hi Guys, If I migrate the phones from cucm 8.6 with cluster security mode 0 to cucm 10.5 with cluster security mode 0 will it cause any issues with ip phone registration?? Like i need to delete CTL/ITL files from phones. Regards, Gowrishankar

We have issues now with our subscribers backing up ....and the issue was traced to expired self signed certs and trust cert on our VOIP servers....Publisher, subcriber, CERs, UC,   - all are expiring.  We are worried about changing them and creating ...

gp1200x by Explorer
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im experienceing strange issues where some phone that share secondary  line with another phone wont ring or make calls , strangly enough the main first line is working normally , when i reset the phone it goes back to normal but the number of phone a...

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! 9971 edit dial

Hi, I'm not able to edit dial button on missed/placed call menu (in corporate directory this option is available) on 9971 phones. But I see same button on 8941/8945 models. Is there any way I can edit placed/missed calls on 9971 models? thanks.

Dear, I have UCCX 10.6 and CUCM 10.6 with 2900 Router as VoiceGatway and a Panasonic PBX system for Analog Phone. Panasonic PBX has some PSTN Line on it that i transfer those line to an UCCX Application. The Application do some Queuing Mechanism for ...