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Can I use Unified Mobility within a Hunt Group?


I have tried to set up a CUCM 7.1 hunt pilot to provide a single number for our support team.  The line group consists of extensions that are also configured for Unified Mobility (single number reach) with a top down distribution.

This works well as long as everyone is logged into the hunt group.  If the first person in the line group logs out of the hunt list the call will skip his desk phone as it is supposed to but will still ring out on his remote destination (cell phone).  This keeps the call from finding the next logged in member.

Has anyone been able to make this work sucessfully in CUCM 7.1 ??

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William Bell

According to the Features and Services guide, there is no specific restriction regarding Unified Mobility and Line Groups. I'd recommend increasing the Delay Before Ringing Timer on the Remote Destination configuration page to see if that helps.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Thanks for you reply Bill.

Here is my setup:

1) Line 1000 has remote destination A

2) Line 2000 has remote destination B

3) Line 3000 has remote destination C

If line 3000 is the only one logged into the hunt group and a call comes to the hunt pilot what should happen is that Line 3000 and remote destination C should ring together.  What I have happening is only remote destination A begins to ring.  It appears that the RDP associated to line 1000 is treated as still logged into the hunt list when it shouldn't be.

Will adjusting the delay before ringing timer on the remote destination so that is longer than the RNA timer on the line group give me the desired result?

In your case whats happening is as expected by design. CUCM always considers the RDP to be registered to the CUCM even if the phone to which it is associated is logged out. Hence even if phone 1000 is logged out, its associated RDP still rings. To stop that from ringing you can tweak the timers as you have told but then in that case, even if 1000 is logged in and he is not at his desk to pick up his call, his cell phone will ring after a long time. If you are ok with that you can play around with the timers.

Hope that helps



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I have a similar issue at the moment.

One Huntpilot, Huntlist and Linegroup with 4 members.

3 of these members have mobility configured.

2 of the members with mobility do not have a phone assigned but only have an extension mobility device profile.

When one member of the linegroup:

1) is not logged in with his device profile (EM)

2) has Mobility is disabled

3) noone else is available (hlog or busy)

If you call the huntpilot, the call gets forwarded with "no answer" instead of "busy".

Any idea?



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