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Cannot dial mobile numbers on jabber


Hi all

I have just set up jabber on our Cucm version 11.5 the client can dial internal and landline numbers fine, when they try mobile numbers etc it does not work.

the strange thing is that this has the same line css settings as the physical phone and that can call mobiles fine.

any ideas what it could be

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Debug your GW, if you see the call, review the logs and who ends the call, if you don't see the call, then it's not even making it to the GW and you need to review CUCM traces.



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Andrew Skelly
Level 7
Level 7

I would suggest getting call examples of the failed Jabber calls and opening a case with your telco.  It is possible, depending on your PSTN connection and carrier, that they are blocking these calls based on the capability advertised of the call (i.e. video).

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i did see something when I debugged the router, disconnect cause=16 I think it was, any ideas what that is?

what is the easiest way to stop the video capabilities getting seen by the gateway ?

can you do it on the gateway? Or route patten etc? Or does it need to be done on the csf profile ?


16 = 'Normal Call Clearing'

CDR codes for 8.5 can be found here. Not sure what version you are on, but they probably have not changed a lot.


You can disable video in your jabber xml config under the <options> section

You can also disable it under the individual CSF record, Enterprise Parameters >>> Cisco Jabber >>> 'Never Start Call with Video'

and there is quite a few options under Service Parameters >>> Call Manager and probably a few other places.

Good Luck!

Hi there

I ended up fixing this with a command on the gateway for the isdn capabilities 

bearer-cap speech command



Thanks for sharing. That's a very interesting solution. Hopefully I will remember that one. So many different ways to approach it all with Cisco.