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CE 9.1.3 Launch Screen / Wallpaper

Anthony R

Hi all,

Going from CE 9.0.1 --> CE 9.1.3 the default screen/wallpaper is now not your "upcoming meetings & time" but a new screen with "Use the touch panel and look for these" "Call" "Share".

I've been through the codec webpage but my question is can you switch it back to "upcoming meetings & time" rather than the new "Use the touch panel and look for these" "Call" "Share"?



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Accepted Solutions

lets submit a feature request to have the option between 2 screens .. the new half wake screen and the next meeting as an option .. so at least we can have the option to chose between both screens ..

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According to the CE9 release notes from July 2017, there is a reported bug that affects custom wallpaper. Please see here:…

If that is not the problem you are experiencing, then I recommend you contact Cisco TAC and open a new case to track and resolve your issue.

I hope this helps.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

Hi Kelly,

Are you referring to CSCvb67596 Custom Wallpaper?  We are only using the default wallpaper.

I'd say this has to do with possible the new wakeup experience.

PS - Who has the time for TAC when you can ask the community


Hello Anthony,

This behavior is actually expected. This is apart of the halfwake feature that was introduced in the 9.1.x.

It is noted on page 17 of the release notes:…

Basically, it states that depending on the configuration (touch panel or remote), if you are using a touch panel, it will require the touch panel to wake up and perform actions for the system, instead of a large clock in the middle of the screen like previous versions.

-Brent Huff

Thank Brent,

My question is if there's an option to change it back (rather than force the change) as the users expect to see the meetings displayed (as per the past CE releases).