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Cisco 3905 not booting Image download fail from - vmlinuz file needed


We have a problem with a Cisco 3905 phone that is not booting and is displaying the error: Image download fail from

I found a Thread that says there is a vmlinuz file that needs to be placed on a TFTP server with the address that will enable the phone to boot.

Does anyone have this file or is there some other solution to this problem?


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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You will need to contact TAC to get this file as per the following bug if you don't get this vmlinuz tar file from anywhere else


Hi Manish,

Yes, I found that bug reference as well.

I'm trying to get this fixed without involving TAC. That's why I'm looking for the vmlinuz file.


Since the bug is fixed, you can use the 9.4(1) load instead and it should work without the need for vmlinuz.rar file.


Using the 9.4(1) load directly does not work. The phones are looking for vmlinuz file and ignore any other files.

For anyone facing the same problem the file vmlinuz was posted in the other thread I mentioned earlier.
Here it is:

Thanks for updating the post with the resolution.


after so many years and your solution is still very effective .. thank you very much for the contribution


The "vmlinux"  file on the previous post did not work for me , what DID work for me 

- setup TFTP server on same lan as the phone ( back to back will work ) 

- download the .ZIP file for the phone , extract the files ( should be one that has .ZZ extension ) to TFTP root

- copy the .ZZ file to duplicate it , then 

- rename that file to vmlinuz ( no extension , etc , just the vmlinuz ) and put it in the root of the TFTP server.

Your note to change the file APP3905.9-4-1SR3.zz file to "vmlinuz" (no file extension) worked for me. THANK YOU! My phone is now functional. 

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