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Cisco 6961 Phone - One Way Audio Issue

Dear all,


There is a one-way audio problem between 6961 and 6945 phones.

All phones are in same network and subnet. All of them are in same device pool, region and using same MRGL.

6961 is caller and call three different 6945 phone in sequence.

On all calls, caller phone (6961) can hear far end phones (6945) but called phones (6945) can not hear caller phone (6961).

Firmware of 6961 is SIP.69XX.

CUCM Cluster Version is

Anyone has any idea?


Best Regards,




Is the person making the call on the 6961 muting themselves? J/K unless your taking someone else's  word and not checking for yourself. Then the first thing I would do is check for yourself.

Is it happening with multiple 6961 phones or just one?

If the phones are in the same subnet and you can rule out a routing issue, then I would search

the bug search tool for the specific issue you are facing.

If you strict out I would still check for updated firmware

Which you are little behind on since is out.

You can read the release notes for your current firmware and the updated firmware if you want to try to find the issue, but I believe now the release notes just points to the bug search tool.

Then I would Update the firmware to the most recent release for both phones types and then if you still have the issue and you have smartnet, call TAC to have them assist you the trace.


If you want to troubleshoot more on your check the codec that is being negotiated during the call by going into the both phones web pages and looking at the stream 1 field or whatever it is called. You can also see more information about the call here.

If you wanted to dive deeper into it set up SPAN on the ports the phones are attached to and run wireshark to look to see if you see anything weird. 

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One-way audio is a sure sign of a NAT-ing issue.

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