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Cisco 7920 "No Callmanager found" Error.

I've got a 7920 ip phone that i'm trying to register with CUCM V.  I've got the profile created on the CUCM and the 7920 connected to the AP.  The 7920 cycles through Configuring IP network, Downloading Config File, Connecting to CallManager 0/1 and then sits at No CallManager Found. The config file is on the CallManager TFTP so it is communicating with the callmanager and the config file also sets the Callmanager 0 and 1 Ip's correctly, but when it tries to register it's mac address, it errors out. Any advice?  The documentation states that the "No CallManager Found" error means that the phone cannot find the callmanager..... not alot of help there.  I tried setup through the USB, but cisco wants a support contract to download the USB drivers and the 7920 configuration assistant, which i do not have. Really.......? for USB drivers.....? I tried to get them via serial number, but that was a no go as well. Has anyone ran into an issue like this in the past?  Much appreciated.         

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Cisco Employee

Cisco 7920 "No Callmanager found" Error.

Hi David,

The 7920 is quite old and has reached its EoL/EoL. Anyways, is there any firewall in the network that might block SCCP packets between the phone and CUCM?

Please double check if the phone was added with the correct phone type on the CUCM Admin page and power cycle it. You can also verify if the phone gets the correct TFTP server address via Option 150.



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Cisco 7920 "No Callmanager found" Error.

Ya know, i've been doing this for 9 years now and occasionally i'll surprise myself at how utterly DUMB i can be.  I did have the wrong device selected in the CUCM. I must have accidentally selected 7921.  Anyhow, changing the phone type cleared up the error and the phone is now registered and working with the CUCM.  Thank you very much!


Cisco 7920 "No Callmanager found" Error.

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