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Cisco 7965G - IP Phone Loading issues from TFTP Server

Val Constable

Trying to fix 7965G IP Phones that went dead - Read a million treads and making a last effort to fix the problem

(1) Download tftpd32 and install on PC.

(2) Enabled DHCP server from settings button.

(3) In the DHCP options field put 150 and the PC's address.

(4) Downloaded from Cisco - 7945 and 7965 IP Firmare Files Onl- Compatible CUCUM Versions  7.1(5)+ 11-FEB-2013

(5) Copied all firmware files into the TFTP's Server directory.

(6) Factory reset done using the alternate - 3491672850*#

Connect phone to PC via simple switch/hub on which no other DHCP server is present.

On the tftpd32 - log viewer shows me all the Suppress pingable addresses. & There is no LCD on the phone / Phone has a black screen.

Can anyone give answers on how to resolve thhis problem.



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If the display doesn't light up the phone is dead. Even during a factory reset procedure you would see output on the display.

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Hi Val,

If you are not getting lights when the POE is given to the phone than you are out of luck. Regarding the procedure to create a local TFTP server on the phone, here is the procedure

1) Download all the  load zip file.

2) Extract the contents of the load to the local TFTP server. (Any third TFTP server software)

3) Download the xmldefault.cnf.xml file using "TFTP get xmldefault.cnf.xml" command.

4) Change the XXXX load name in xmldefault.cnf.xml file to the desired phone load name in "

5) Copy the load file and the xmldefault.cnf.xml to the TFTP server's directory

6) Either manually change the TFTP server IP to local TFTP server or change it on DHCP server's option 150.

7) Reset the phone/phones in concern.

8) Once the upgrade is complete, change the load to desired version on the CUCM admin > Phone page for the field "Phone Load name". 

9) Hit update and reset.

10) Revert back DHCP server option 150 changes and reset the phone from CUCM admin

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend
There is no LCD on the phone / Phone has a black screen.

It's a black screen because you invoked the "full" factory default sequence.  This method takes about 5 to 10 minutes.  If you shine a very bright light against the display, you'll see the faint outline of the progress bar.

Leave the phone to complete the process.  You cannot interrupt the phone once you've done this. 

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