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Cisco 8845 3PCC - Several config issues / line auto resume / conference / bluettoth / speed dial

Hello, I am a final user who´s traying to find out some source of knowledge for some issues I am facing with my new Cisco 8845 3PCC connected to an Issabel PBX/Asterisk.


I am coming from a “yeahlink” user experience, so It´s been quite a change in about how to config the phone, but instead of giving up with some issues, I would like to ask your advise about who to ask or where.


  • *Auto resume a call when switching between lines*: When in a call, I receive another incoming call that I take pressing the new flashing line (vertical config)… then I want to return to the previous line so I press the first line in hold.. but instead of auto-resuming I need to press the “hold” key to get back with the caller and this is confusing my staff… is there a place in the settings where the call “auto resume” as soon as I press the line with the call on hold?


  • *Speed Dial*: I´ve been able to configure several speed dial numbers in Asterisk which are available to all users using feature code *0(then the speed dial number), and everything works fine until I try to run the speed dial 11 or 12, etc.. so for example, when I dial *011 to run the speed dial 11, I immediately get an “invalid number message” from the phone, not from Asterisk, anyone knows why is this?... with this scenario I am only able to have 10 speed dial numbers for all users.


  • *Making a conference call*: Making a conference call has become a very complex issue for my staff with this new phone.. user is having a call on line 1 then receive a new incoming call on line 2… press the new flashing line key and takes the call.. then returns to call on line 1 and wants to place both lines on a conference call but when pressing “conference key” the phone displays the “new call” prompt in order to make a whole new call for the conference, but I don´t know how to tell the phone that I want to place the conference with the already holding line… I would like to know the logic the phone so I could explain it easily to my staff.


  • *Blueetooth disconnects when a call waiting tone sounds”: When in a cell phone call using the Bluetooth a new incoming call (call waiting) tone sounds, the phone “thinks” that the sound is maybe related to a “busy/hang up” cadence sound and disconnects the call.. then I take my cell phone and continue the call directly.. the Bluetooth connection remains active but not the audio.. I mean, the phone puts the connection like “idle” whe there is actually a call still there.. any idea about where to config this action from the phone so it stops doing it?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide, 





Cisco Employee

What's the software version running on these phones?

For specific issues you can contact TAC -


Auto resume a call when switching between lines - Currently the phone does not auto resume on pressing line keys. You can contact TAC from the above link to put in a feature request.


For speed dial - It's difficult to predict without looking at the logs but most probably the issue here is the Dial Plan. I would think the dial plan is blocking three digit * code's. Take a look at changing that and it should be fixed. The admin guide has examples for this.


For conference - Again the admin guide has more information on it. However you can change the soft key during active call to use confLx instead of conf. This should put the active lines in conference.


Bluetooth - We will need more logs and information on this. I would have to know what the current software version is to advice further. Contacting TAC would be good if it's a genuine issue.



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