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CIsco 8845 default button functions - right hand side



I wonder if someone could confirm what the 8845 buttons on the right hand side do by default, and also if and how they can be customised if we don't select "Enhanced Line Mode"    I don't have one of these phones to hand to play with, but from information the customer has sent the two top right buttons have some sort of default function.

If I understand it correctly then changing to "Enhanced Line Mode" means these five buttons can be configured as normal in CUCM admin, and in this case I'd like to retain those original functions (whatever they are) but allow the other three buttons to be used for speed dials.


Thanks, Tony S

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Rolando Valenzuela

It looks it is based on CUCM version what those thing do by default, just add one on CUCM with a fake MAC and see that gets assigned.


" You can assign features, such as New Call, Call Back, and Forward All to line buttons.

See phone button template information in the documentation for your particular Cisco Unified Communications Manager release."

Check this links also:


Hope this helps.

Rolando A. Valenzuela.


George Sotiropoulos
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Tony,


Yes, by transforming the Cisco 8845 to ELM you are able to have 5 more buttons on the right side available for all kind of features such as, speed-dials, DNs, BFL and Speed-dial or SURL (services). Based on my experience, usually users need the right side to add more speed-dials but by doing so they miss the Call History key (the clock), which provides information about Missed Calls or All Calls.

Since this key cannot be available on the ELM mode, the easiest way to replicate it is to create a new Service (Application:Cisco/MissedCalls) and assing a SURL key on the right side to allow the users to check their missed calls anytime.


Hope this helps,


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