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Cisco IP phone 7941



          The Cisco IP Phone 7941, at our site is showing an error while booting.

          Error: On power on the Display shows Cisco logo. Other than this the two line button keep glowing. The headset button glow is green and Mute in Red colour.

          This symptoms not allow to complete boot sequence of the phone.

          Kindly suggest for the same.


          Thanks in advance.

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Im really struggling with a Cisco 7941, was bought in hast to be honest and now just trying to make it work on SIP... no Call Manager. I am a semi novice at this so don't hate me!

I have been trying without luck, different FW versions, tweeking the config here and there but never gets past unprovisioned. today I notice that after the soft reset it wasn't even taking the FW, DHCP and TFTP checked, in fact on a test network, I have read about this Hard reset and after 2 weeks I thought I would give it a go. and now my 7941 is just blank, occasional DHCP request which it receives but that's it, has been in this state for 2 hours. Have I just made a Telephone paper weight?


Any advise would be appreciated. 




Hello,I have same issue.I just softreset the phone.But Still it is stuck on upgrading mode.Please help me out




Thaks for the post.  I did manage to recover to 7941s that appeared to be completely dead.  One thing I have noticed is that option 150 does not seem to work very well outside of the cisco environment.  Even with tftp32 as the tftp server the phones would not communicate properly.  I wound up loading all my files on my 2900 ISR and setting the option 150 address to the ISR.  Everything worked great then.

The reason why option 150 doesn't work with tftpd32 is that it expects option to be format ascii not IPs. So one tries to prefix 0x and put the address in hex backward, just to find still trouble. At the end, router works better, as you found.

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