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Cisco IP Phone CP-6901 DIALPLAN Config



I have a call center based on ASTERISK and i'm using Cisco Phones CP-6901 over SIP protocol and they work fine, but i have a big issue i can't solve, when i make a call it takes around 10 seconds to start calling. Its a lot, i already try to config the dialplan.xml in several ways but nothing works.  

I need when the user try's to call to another extension, Ex: 201, the phone wait's 1 or 2 seconds and start calling.


If someone someone knows the answer please help.


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

when i make a call it takes around 10 seconds to start calling.

Post your dialplan.xml file.  This happens when you've configured a "wait time".

    <TEMPLATE MATCH="*" Timeout="1"/> <!-- Anything else -->


I can see in the logs that the phone is picking the file. but nothing change... 


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Try this:  <TEMPLATE MATCH="*#" Timeout="1"/>


After you dial the number, press the "#" and observe what happens.

Thanks for your help.


i have tried and i get "wrong number" it is sending 24#.


it is ignoring the dialplan file...  if i dial 24 and wait 10s it works


any ideia?

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

it is ignoring the dialplan file...  if i dial 24 and wait 10s it works

Sounds like the dialplan the phone is using is different to the one found in the TFTP server.

I have made one file dialplan3.xml exclusive for this phone and i see in the log that is getting the file. 


i have access by ssh to the phone. is there a way to know the dialplan that the phone is using?


thanks for your help!!!!

Same problem.  The phone is now a brick due to this issue.

same discussed here, but no solution yet:



We have been dealing with this issues for a few months. We have received a confirmation from Cisco that the 6901 is only supported with CUCM and not third party sip servers.


As per Cisco Unified IP Phone 6901 Data Sheet, The phones are supported on Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition Versions 7.1.3 and later, as well as Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 8.0 and later,not on 3rd party calling agent


Sorry for the bad news.

Does anyone find a turnaround solution ???
Recently i've bought 200 pcs of 6911
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