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CME 12.0 and ATA-186 SCCP help needed

Michael Durham

I have a SCCP only phone system that is working great.  But now I need to add an analog phone via am ATA-186.  The firmware on the ATA is Version: v3.1.0 atasccp (Build 040305B).  I know there is a newer version but I cannot find it on the web anywhere.

I can make and receive calls on an old Bell analog phone just fine.  Even call forwarding works.  But, when I try to use call waiting, it will not answer the incoming call.  It will put the first caller on hold but it will not answer the second call.  Only once has it actually answered the second inbound call.  Any ideas?

Second, I cannot get it to make a three way call on the second dial tone.  I can call an off premise number and then three way with an internal extension.  But if I try dialing an off premise number, I get a fast busy tone.  All codecs are (should be) G.711u and I have a PVDM3-64.  Only one FXS port is configured on the ATA.  My 7975 phone can three way call with two off premise phones.

ephone-dn 7 dual-line
number 1386753xxxx no-reg both
label Barbara
description Barbara line
name Barbara
call-forward busy 5000
call-forward noan 5000 timeout 25
corlist incoming Keyring-National
ephone 30
device-security-mode none
mac-address A8B1.D41E.xxxx
ephone-template 1
max-calls-per-button 2
username "barbara" password 123456
type ata
button 1:7

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Try to remove the command 'max-calls-per-button 2' and test if it works.

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