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Scott Hanson

CME 7.1, 7960 phones and Ring Type


using the setup in the title is there any way to have a DN where external calls have a silent ring but internal calls from other DNs actually ring?  If not possible on CME then how about on Communication Manager?

Thanks and I rate replies.               

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Yes, but you will have to configure two DNs and place each on a separate button. That is normal when externall calls are going to a shared line.

Note if the need is like because a manager wanting to see external calls but not answer them, there are better ways to do that.

Thanks.  You are up early!  The desired goal is to have a single DN that does this.  The person is a manager but what they want is for silent on external calls to their DN and ring on internal calls to that same DN.

What would be a better way?

That depends under which exact conditions the manager wants to be alerted of an external call, and other people answering role.

Thank you for the nice rating and good luck!

Right now they have a parallel hunt group that rings all phones when the main number is called (small office).  This user's phone is in that hunt group.  They want to be able to answer the external call if they happen to be looking at their phone and see it ringing but want calls from other internal DNs to actually ring.  They want to use a single DN for this but I can;t think of any way to do this without using 2 DNs

That is the typical "casual, inverse race to answer" approach too often used in small office.

Then they run into the drawbacks and ask for more workarounds, that may or may not exist, in this case they don't.

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