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CME Extension Mobility and COR

Customer wants to set up a phone with extension 2000 on it using extension mobility.  When the phone is not logged in, extension 2000 should have COR applied blocking it from being able to make outbound calls.  When the phone is logged in, extension 2000 should have outside access.

I don't see any way to apply COR with EM.  Does anyone have a sample config or some documenation around this?


Hi Clifford,

Is there a specific requirement for extension 2000 to be present in the logout profile - must it be on the phone when logged out?  If not assign 2000 to the user profile for the person logging in (with no COR), use another number with COR applied for the logout profile.




Interesting idea, but how would you do that?  The logged out profile doesn't use EPHONE-DN's either.

If the profiles pointed at ephone-dn's, I could solve the problem easily, but they don't.  Not sure what would happen if I defined ephone-dn's on the ephone itself and then put EM on top of it.  Something to try in the lab I guess.




All directory numbers to be included in a logout profile or a user profile must be already configured in Cisco Unified CME. For configuration information, see "Configuring Phones to Make Basic Calls" on page 139.


So an ephone-dn must be in place and you can apply COR there.




hello: i have the same question, still no response with a soln

i have mutiple sites running CME 7. with extention mobility.

each site has a default site DN. i require all phones that are NOT logged in to be able ring if that number is called,


site 1 11... default site number 11999, user range 11001 to 11399

site 2 12... default site number 12999, user range 12001 to 12399

site 3 13... default site number 13999, user range 13001 to 13399

when a user logs in , they get their profile, when they logout, the local site logout profile is run and the site local DN number is set on that phone .

all this config  is working BUT, users can still make calls out on any phone that was logged out

i need some means to block all Outging calls on phones that are now have the local site number . ie this occurs after a logout or when the set first powers on
i also want the same phones to be able to receive call when tha number is rings

This usage is for facilities that may be partially populated. This allows someone at another site to call the default numbers. All phones that are not logged in will ring. If there is someone there, they can pick up any phone. At the time, i want to restrict outgoing calls to only those that have logged in .

i have read the COR guide, but i do not see how it applies to this  extention mobility CME config

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