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CME10.5 Caller-ID lost after Call 'Pickup' - service-uri-pickup


I've got a issue with call pickup for a bunch of SIP phones in South America. It's a small office of around 10 senior staff and 1 receptionist. The office is small enough that reception can hear the users phone ringing. The receptionist likes to answer the ringing phones with the 'Pickup' soft key on their 9951. This works well and everyone was happy; any phone can pickup any other phone.


The users started to report that they do not see the correct Caller-ID if they pickup someone elses phone..... While troubleshooting we see the original CLID shows up on screen of the dialed extensions handset. But when the 3rd phone answers the call the CLID appears ontheir screen as 'service-uri-pickup'.


It would appear that our CME is hairpinning the call and a debug of the ccsip messages shows two call legs. The first leg being between the calling part extention and the called party extention. The second leg is between the 3rd phone extension and 'service-uri-pickup' which I guess kinda makes sense as we force our CME to sit in the call path..... After a lot of searching and reading of the config guides I have not found a fix or workaround for this.


Does anyone know if it is possible to preserve or re-write the original CLID into the 2nd leg? It's kinda anoying that you can't see the CLID of who you are speaking to. It's a bigger issue if you wanted to call them back as the Call History just shows you had a call from 'service-uri-pickup'.......


2921, IOS 15.4(3)M2 (CME version 10.5)

SIP 8945, 9-4-2SR1-2

SIP 9951, 9-4-2SR2-2 +KEM

CUE 8.6.11

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Anybody? No CCIE-Voice on here?

Hello there.

I have a customer who has exactly the same problem!

Have anyone in this forum found any solution to this issue??

Thank you in advance.

After so long still no solution for this ?

I'm running on CME 11.5 using 8945 SCCP phones.

Recently just purchased a 8865 SIP phone to test.

What I noticed is similar. When a 8945 calls another 8945 phone, I use the 8865 to pickup the call. The caller id display on the 8865 will be service-uri-pickup


Hi there,

Did someone find some kind of solution here?

Got the same with ISR4321, CME12.0 with 7821/8861.

Has it to do with "media flow-through" unde voice service voip?





Remove „asserted-id ppi“ under voice service voip/sip.

Worked for me.


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