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Conference now external callers disconnect without the host

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Level 1

Conference now feature on CUCM ver 12.1 working fine but I have one problem for external callers.


if external caller join before host join the call they got disconnect after 30 second, i checked in documentation and it says 15 mint is the default time but looks like that is for internal callers. can someone please help where can i change timer for external callers?

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George Sotiropoulos
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Can you check the configuration that you have on your Voice-Gateway? If possible, please enable and post the following:

debug ccsip callsdebug ccsip error

debug ccsip messages


On you Cisco CUBE you may need to check the SIP Media Inactivity Timer. You should try the debug ccsip events command, which includes the SIP Media Inactivity Timer feature.

Let us know,




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Can you check your configuration related to music on hold and make sure
that music on hold is working from PSTN. ? When callers join before owner
of the conference they will be placed on hold and if the call drops then
you have problem for MOH from PSTN.

* Start with testing MOH from PSTN.
* Describe your setup and how PSTN is connected to be able to help (also,
indicate if you are using unicast MOH or multicast MOH)